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Horror Film Magazine design

Double page spread editorial
Project 01

Horror Film Magazine design

This is a double page editorial designed for a "Top Ten Horror Films" feature written for 'Spaghetti Junction' magazine. The title is hand drawn in illustrator and the background is a combination of mixed media and photography. This project was made more enjoyable by the creative freedom I had been given. My inspiration for the look was antique spell books and Horror genre film posters.

  • Client: Spaghetti Junction Magazine
  • Role: Art Direction, Photography, Illustration
  • Year: 2012

The Tales of Godman

Comics & Cartooning
Project 02

Comics & Cartooning: Godman

Cartooning, drawing, colouring and writing my own series entitled "Godman" allowed me to experiment with techniques and character design. For this project I produced and published a weekly comic book series both digitally and in print.

  • Client: Self
  • Role: Illustration
  • Year: 2010 - 2012

Millions sweets ad campaign

Storyboards & Character Design
Project 03

Millions Advert Campaign

This project was a collaboration between animators and graphic designers to pitch an advert campaign for 'Millions' sweets. I was responsible for the storyboarding, character design and all finished illustration. My drawings were used to produce an animated tv advert, posters and a website.

  • Client: Millions sweets
  • Role: Illustration, Storyboarding, Character Design
  • Year: 2011

Beatles Revolver Artwork

Music themed Illustration & Portraits
Project 04

Beatles Revolver LP Album Artwork

Inspired by Klaus Voormann's artwork for The Beatle's 'Revolver' album I illustrated this LP album cover and added colour in Photoshop. My love for the music, culture and artwork of the 60's shone in this project.

  • Client: Self
  • Role: Illustration, Digital Colouring in Photoshop
  • Year: 2009

Illustrated Map of Birmingham

Cartographical Illustration
Project 05

Illustrated Map of Birmingham

"A Pigeon's Guide to Birmingham" was the brief for my final major project from which I created an Illustrated map of Birmingham from a pigeon's perspective or birds eye view. The finished map is intended to help tourists learn more about Birmingham in a simple and humorous way.

  • Client: Final Major Project
  • Role: Illustration
  • Year: 2012

Booze Britain

Digital Illustration
Project 06

Booze Britain Digital Illustration

This self initiated project called for a humorous look on Britain's drinking behaviour. I was inspired by British pub signs and the British pound sign, the outcome was finished in illustrator and I'm particularly pleased with the humour that comes across in this project.

  • Client: Self
  • Role: Illustrator, Illustration, Digital Illustration
  • Year: 2011


I graduated with a 2.1 in visual communications at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and my studies have prepared me for all elements of graphic design including digital and hand drawn. I am experienced in Photoshop, Indesign and Illustrator. I am currently looking for opportunities to improve my skills, techniques and build my portfolio.


My experience designing layouts for magazines such as “Cops and Robbers” and “Artefacts” has led me to my interest in graphic design for print. Working with vintage film posters for originalposter.co.uk has allowed me to gain a working knowledge of how films can benefit from a good design and great artwork.


My skills in digital media are used in harmony with my hand drawn skills.

  • Adobe Photoshop – Photo manipulation, photo retouching, digital colouring and colour correction.
  • Adobe Illustrator – Digital inking, logo design and creating vector graphics.
  • Adobe Indesign – Creating layouts, formatting text, creative double page spreads, covers and pages.
  • Watercolour and marker pens – Light washes, landscapes, caricatures and character designs
  • Comic art – comic panel layout, penciling and roughs, inking, visual narrative, storytelling and storyboarding.
  • Printing – Screenprinting, linocut and print making.
  • Photography – stills, landscapes, artwork and lighting for publishing.
  • Bookbinding – Handmaking book, binding, scoring, stitching and assembling and binding of hand made books.